Ted Cruz Finally Says It

Ted Cruz Finally Says It

Ted Cruz perfectly described what most Americans think about the Democrat Party right now.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, the Texas senator said that progressives are quite literally suffering from a case of “Trump derangement syndrome.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Here’s his full remarks — which are just as blistering:

“I think we have to understand where the Democrats are right now. I think they have been radicalized by this election, that the lesson they took from the election was Hillary was too moderate, that they need more Bernie or Elizabeth Warren. I think we’re going to see Trump derangement syndrome on the left where they are in denial,” Cruz said.

Cruz also describes sharing an elevator before Trump’s inauguration with a Democratic senator in a “stupor” at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

“I remember the week after the election, I was back in the Capitol and was in an elevator with one of the better known liberals in the senate. And he was simply staring ahead, almost in a stupor. It was like he was in a trance or something and could not get out a word or a sentence,” he continued.

The senator from Texas added that the most exciting prospect of the current administration is how close they are to repealing the “train wreck” of Obamacare, describing the election as a “referendum” on the issue.

“Nothing is more important in this administration than that we actually repeal Obamacare,” he said. “My view is that we should appeal every blasted word of it, that it is a disaster, I would take it out in a back alley and put two bullets in the back of its head.”

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