Upcoming Executive Order… Cherished Freedoms

LEAKED: Upcoming Executive Order Will Restore One Of America’s Most Cherished Freedoms Posted by Damon Morgan | Feb 3, 2017 | American Strength Progressive news magazine The Nation obtained a copy of a leaked executive order that could deal the largest blow yet to left-wing pressure groups and gay rights advocates. According to the paper, who has released copies of…

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Trump Is Right — Millions Of Illegals Probably Did Vote In 2016

Media Bias: Not surprisingly, the media take seriously and support Jill Stein’s and Hillary Clinton’s excellent vote-recount adventure, despite there being no indication a recount is needed. Heck, even President Obama agrees — Donald Trump won, period. But when Trump dares to suggest in a Sunday tweet that illegal aliens voted in the election, the media respond with massive denial….

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