Preemptive Strike Against North Korea on the Table

Secretary Tillerson Confirms Following Asia Trip: U.S. Now Considering Military Strike Against Foe Posted by Trenton Paul | Mar 17, 2017 | Breaking News (Note from Editor – “preemptive strike definition. A first-strike attack with nuclear weapons carried out to destroy an enemy’s capacity to respond. A preemptive strike is based on the assumption that the enemy is planning an…

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GOP Senators Ask SOS Tillerson to Investigate Soros

GOP Senators Now Asking Secretary Tillerson To Investigate Soros On Fraud Charges Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Mar 15, 2017 | Liberal Corruption When most of us were growing up, if a certain kid’s name always came up as a problem, our parents forbade us from hanging out with them. It was a sign that where there was smoke…

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Secretary Tillerson Fires Obama Officials

Secretary Tillerson Fires Obama Officials Within U.S. State Department, Draining Swamp Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Feb 17, 2017 | American Strength Usually, when a politician talks about fighting or eliminating waste in Washington, it is just that…talk. If an agency is not stealing from us via taxes, they are spying into our mailboxes and email accounts. People in…

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