Hillary, Satanism, Deep State, Treason, Pedophile, Coup to destroy America

There is no doubt about it, Hillary Clinton, who made regular trips to California while they lived in Arkansas to visit a Satanic Cult, is purposely trying to take over America as part of an internal plot of Treason and working with her Saudi Arabian assistant Huma Abedin. Below are a series of Videos which are connected to top level…

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SENIOR ADVISOR To Reagan – Russian Hacks an “Inside Job”?

Senior Advisor To Reagan Explains “Beltway” Tactic Being Used To Take Out Trump Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Mar 8, 2017 | Breaking News Senior Advisor to Ronald Reagan, Pat Buchanan, just issued some remarkable insight into the growing mound of proof that is building into what he calls a “Beltway Conspiracy” to destroy Donald Trump. What we are…

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