Ex-KGB Spy Drops Bombshell About Russian Allegations & DNC

Ex-KGB Spy Drops Bombshell About Comey & FBI In Current Case Of Russian Allegations Posted by April Horning | Mar 24, 2017 | American Strength Speculation about the possible connection between Russia and Trump’s election is a hot topic. There are many different spins on the agenda behind the DNC email server hacks. Multiple theories also exist about who was…

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CNN Guest Exposes their Fake News On The Air

CNN Host Forced To Shut Down Live Show, As Guest Exposes Their Fake News On The Air Posted by Matthew Bernstein | Feb 20, 2017 | Liberal Corruption Anyone that was watching the mainstream media during the days leading up to the presidential election could tell that they were biased. Everything that the media has done was in an effort…

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Child Pedophilia Arrests Begin…The Big Names Will Follow

(Editor’s Note – I have reported on this on my other website but just received this intel from someone that gets great intel.  Here is the link on my other site: Today (2/4/2017) I received this report and the smoke screen of the rioters and demonstrators won’t cover up the reality that this country and its leaders are corrupt…

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