“DRAIN THE SWAMP” – 28% Of Them On The Run, SLASHED

28% Of The Swamp On The Run: ‘Darkest’ Agency From Last Administration Being SLASHED Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Mar 17, 2017 | American Strength Trump has promised to bring costs down at the federal level. While many presidents have claimed such lofty ideals, this time a president is really doing it.  The budget outlined by Trump shows “major increases…

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Official Warning, “Prepare For Mass Deportation Force”

MAGA: Southern California Illegals Issued Official Warning, “Prepare For Mass Deportation Force” Posted by Matthew Bernstein | Feb 17, 2017 | American Strength Illegal immigration has been a topic that has been discussed since the days leading up to the election. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are fighting to keep our borders safe from violent illegals that cross the…

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