Russian Offered Bribe for False Collusion Story Against Trump

Russian Hacker Promised Special Deal, Cash & Citizenship For False Testimony Against Trump

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Democrats need the Russian-Trump fairytale. If it isn’t true, much of their credibility and “case” against the president will be lost. If Russia didn’t interfere then they might actually have to admit that Hillary lost.

An article appeared in Newsweek yesterday that threatens to blow the whole story out of the water. A Russian man is accused of being a hacker, not just by his government but by U.S. officials as well.

Yevgeniy Nikulin was arrested in Prague on October 5, 2016, just a few days before the Democratic party began accusing Russia of hacking emails. Nikulin was taken into custody on request of the United States but for supposedly separate hacking charges.

The man was held in Czechoslovakia for allegedly hacking several sites including LinkedIn and Dropbox. While he was there he claims that he was visited by FBI agents on several occasions. They offered to drop the charges against him, grant him U.S. citizenship, and make a gift of cash and an apartment in America. In return, they wanted Nikulin to confess to hacking Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s emails.

The 29-year-old man told a Russian newspaper, “[They told me:] you will have to confess to breaking into Clinton’s inbox for [U.S. President Donald Trump] on behalf of [Russian President Vladimir Putin].”

He refused the deal and the FBI came back two other times according to Nikulin, once in November and again on February 7, 2017. When The Guardian reached out to the FBI for a comment they were told the agency was “aware of the situation,” but would not say anything further.

Nikulin and his lawyers are currently trying to fight the FBI over extradition to the United States. Moscow has also filed an extradition request over another incident where they claim Nikulin hacked into and stole money from online accounts.

Nikulin denies that he even works with computers and seems to feel he is being used as a pawn for both countries. It is likely he did something to attract the attention of the FBI and Moscow officials but exactly what is still very unclear.

He is due to appear in court on May 30 and it is unknown what the outcome will be. The left has admitted they have any “definitive” proof of a Russian-Trump alliance but they don’t show any signs of letting it go either. The House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff said, “I don’t think we can say anything definitively at this point. We are still at the very early stages of the investigation.”

We have obviously not heard the last of this alleged scandal. What remains to be seen is if the FBI or Democrats will begin using the Nikulin angle for their next round of rhetoric and accusations.

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