Barbara Loe Fisher : How Fear of a Virus Changed Our World

BUSH-CLINTON-CIA TRUST BUT VERIFY THE ALLEGATIONS BELOW Respectfully yours, Leo Emil Wanta U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s Secret Agent ANTHEM New Republic/USA Financial Group, GES.m.b.H. Kartnerstrabe 28 / 15 A-1010 Wien, Austria – Europe Directeur General _ Leo Emil Wanta An Austrian Citizen and Lawful Resident  Operation : StillPoint  vs  Russian Federation ABOVE HIGH TREASON CRIME CARTEL AKA ‘DEEP…

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Global Warming Hoax Revealed – To Destroy Capitalism

U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare (From Investor’s Business Daily) Economic Systems: The alarmists keep telling us their concern about global warming is all about man’s stewardship of the environment. But we know that’s not true. A United Nations official has now confirmed this. At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s…

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