47 HARD DRIVES from Whistle Blower Proves Obama Spied

Massive Amount of Data on 47 HARD DRIVES from Whistle Blower Proves Obama and Crew Spied on Everyone By The Gateway Pundit A massive amount of data on 47 hard drives from a government whistle blower was turned over to the Freedom Watch group recently. The information proves Obama and company spied on everyone. Via The Conservative Treehouse: Freedom Watch…

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Your Computer Camera, Smart Phone is CIA Spy Tool!

WikiLeak Exposes CIA Operation, Consumer Items Being Used To Spy On American Citizens Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Mar 8, 2017 | Breaking News When it was published and shown that then F.B.I. Director, James Clapper, put tape over his computer’s camera, everyone in the world should have taken notice. Few news sites lean more left than NPR does…

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CIA Analyst…Trump Exposed, Money Tied to Previous Admin.

CIA Analyst Who Smeared White House And Trump Exposed, Money Tied To Previous Administration Posted by Matthew Bernstein | Feb 22, 2017 | American Strength The first month of President Donald Trump has been filled with executive orders, Democratic resistance to anything and everything Trump does, and one well publicized resigning. Nevertheless, the world continues to spin and Trump continues…

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