BREAKING: Someone Leaked Al Queda Attack Before It Happened, Killing SEAL As They Escaped

The other problem is that it can be reasoned that perhaps the laptops and items found were meant as a plant or false lead because, in a truly disturbing bit of analysis, it seems as if the enemy knew in advance that America was coming. It was none other than ABC that reported that “Al-Qaeda fighters seemed ready for Sunday’s deadly Navy SEAL raid in Yemen.” We know that Trump did not leak it because he was ferreting out the moles in his administration before he was even sworn in and has spoken in great lengths about the element of surprise in warfare.

If this is a matter of someone betraying the whole nation to bring grief and failure to Trump then things in America have gotten much worse than anyone had guessed on either side of the debate. This is a possibility when it is considered the same source told ABC that, “it was clear that the AQAP fighters in the compound knew the Americans were coming and engaged them with heavy weapons.Could some of this foreknowledge have lead to the death of an America warrior and the pain and injury of three others?

If the left or anyone else in government tipped off Yemen, they may have lead to William “Ryan” Owens’ death.

Infowars has recently asked if since Obama had such “extensive knowledge” of the attack, could this have been a source for what may have been a malicious and deadly leak against Trump?  As a basis for the possible claim and question, it is shown that Obama has had such questions raised prior when a military helicopter was gunned down in Afghanistan in 2009.

To this day the family of those that died in the chopper have no answers, only disturbing and answered questions about honesty and loyalty. Father of soldier Michael Strange has been asking the government to look at compelling evidence that the helicopter crash that killed 30 could have been tipped.

This could explain why Trump has been so hesitant to trust the C.I.A. and many of the institutions that prior leaders have trusted blindly. It may be a bit too early to insinuate that a departing president back stabbed an incoming president, but it is not too soon at look at times that it has happened before. Only a fool still thinks that Lydon B. Johnson knew nothing of the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy. We know that Bush was given conflicting reports leading up to the Iraq war and that both he and Colin Powell may have purposefully been fed bad intelligence.

It was terrorists from Yemen that claimed responsibility for the dead French terror attack who Trump was engaging.

In that instance, there was a lot of money to be made for some sectors if war began. It is thought that many of those sectors used George W. Bush to dupe a nation into going to battle to fight not only terror but a man that had died long before the battle in a cave of kidney disease name Osama Bin Laden. The whole story of the raid that “killed Bin Laden” and the absurd overacting that Clinton showed in the “official picture” that was later debunked is so full of holes that even a Hollywood movie could not sell the tripe.

This matters a lot because now we are talking again about not only the death of an American and the wounding of others, but we are talking about what may be betrayal at the highest levels. We may be seeing a reality that displays people very high up in the government echelon or army brass that will even let Americans perish to harm the image of Trump and to stifle his imminent success.

If true, then not only is Trump in the same kind of danger that Kennedy was in but also America is in the scope, too. If the nation has become so divided that some would prefer to see the neck cutters, baby killers, rapists, and pillagers that make up radical Islam in Yemen succeed a bit just to see Trump fail, then maybe Trump has been elected a little too late.

This photo shows the horror of Yemen based terror. Did someone on the left alert them to harm Trump’s war effort?

There are those that say the Islamification of America is the end game of the left, while others say that no, it is just Islam that the left is currently using. If radical Buddhists suddenly started to hate the west, the left would be promoting big bellies and wide silly smiles instead of the Quran and terror.

In this worldview, which may be quite factual yet, it is not even Donald Trump that is hated here, but what he stands for. The left had no issue with Trump when he was on TV, writing books, or building hotels. They hated Trump when he came out for America because the left and the Democrats really want to see harm come to the land because they find capitalism, freedom, and even God himself simply outdated and worthless.

All of this we knew and have known since the Vietnam war. What we sadly could never have fathomed was just how bad it may actually be.

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