US Democrat Anti-Trump Senator – Russian Conspiracy Exposed

Millions In Russia, Anti-Trump Senator Leading Russia Conspiracy Exposed Posted by Anthony Cesario | May 12, 2017 | Liberal Corruption Ever since Trump started running for office, the authoritarian left has been determined to ruin his reputation. To do so, they’ve created a number of conspiracy theories. Their most popular conspiracy theory is that Trump has connections to Russia. Sen….

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Russian Offered Bribe for False Collusion Story Against Trump

Russian Hacker Promised Special Deal, Cash & Citizenship For False Testimony Against Trump Posted by Allison Hillman | May 12, 2017 | Liberal Corruption Democrats need the Russian-Trump fairytale. If it isn’t true, much of their credibility and “case” against the president will be lost. If Russia didn’t interfere then they might actually have to admit that Hillary lost. An…

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