BREAKING: Someone Leaked Al Queda Attack Before It Happened, Killing SEAL As They Escaped Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Feb 3, 2017 | Breaking News As Obama was preparing to depart from the White House, he had plans still in place for dealing with the war on terror. If Hilary Clinton had won, America would still have plans active…

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Archaeological Proof that Allah is Lucifer

Archeologists Discover A 4000 Year Old Archeological Find Linking Allah To Lucifer And The “Harlot Religion” shoebat.com Ted By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat 4000 years old is as close as we can get to connecting how old is “Allah” as deity, his relation to the great rebellion, sex, war … everything. Amid excavations at four different ancient sites in the…

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First Lady Weighs on Moving to DC

Melania Trump hires chief of staff – Washington (CNN)Nearly two weeks after her husband assumed office, Melania Trump has made her first official East Wing hire. Lindsay Reynolds will serve as assistant to the President and chief of staff to the first lady, the White House announced Wednesday evening. Reynolds previously served in the George W. Bush White House…

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